iStock Review of Pricing and Plans

iStock is one of the many stock media agencies in the market, but only one of the few that offers cheap stock footages. This is one advantage of the iStock service that keeps it apart from its more expensive counterparts. The pricing points of the stock site are determined by collection (Essentials and Signature), not by image resolution and other video-specific attributes. This means you can purchase a 720p HD video and a 4K video at the same price.


iStock has a collection-based pricing that allows you to purchase stock footages of the same collection at the same price. That being said, you can be paying more for an exclusive SD footage than a non-exclusive 4K video clip. It all depends on the specific rights you want to purchase with the footage. But compared to other stock media agencies, iStock truly has a cheaper pricing and plan for videos according to resolution.

Here is an iStock review of pricing and plans of the stock site:

Single Image Price

iStock sells stock footages a la carte only via credits. For Essentials collection, you can purchase one video clip for 6 credits. For Signature collection, you will be paying the higher price of 18 credits. If you want to download videos, you need to purchase these credits that start at $12 apiece. It does sound a little expensive, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the stock media site offers credit packs.

Credit Packs

Credit packs are sold at various volume sizes, with greater discounts applied to individual credit price. In fact, the larger the pack you purchase, the greater discounts you can enjoy. For instance, when you purchase a credit pack of 3 credits, you can get the credits for the price of $11 each or $33 for the 3-credit pack. But when you purchase a 300-credit pack, you can get the credits for only $8 each.

Credits allow you to control your budget and manage your time frame. They never expire, so you can use them anytime you need. Just make sure you access your account at least once a year to keep it active. Since iStock credits never expire, you can plan your stock footage budget ahead of time. You don’t have time limitations so you can use them forever.


iStock credits can be used to purchase all iStock content. Do you need images, video, and audio files for your creative project? You can purchase them all with credits. You can purchase all complementary media with the same image pack.

We hope that this iStock review of pricing and plans can help you decide whether the stock site suits your creative needs and budget or not. What are you waiting for? Try out iStock and share with us your iStock experience.

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